Who are we?

Tender Paws was started by Chrissie and Kiwi in 2017. we have a shop on Lytham road to raise essential funds for the care of our cats and kittens so donations are always welcome. We do not yet have a cattery but we do have a team of foster carers all over the Fylde Coast.

Want to adopt?

At Tender Paws we require a home check and a minimum donation of £40 per cat adopted or £50 if we have had to have them neutered or spayed in our care.

What is a Homecheck?

Basically, it’s a chat, we will come and visit you in your home, meet you and make sure you understand the responsibilities of owning a cat. There is no inspecting bedrooms or rummaging through doors, we don’t mind if you’ve not dusted or are behind on the laundry. We want to make sure the cats we save are going to loving forever homes, that’s it.

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